Sonobioprocessing, biotransformation and chemistry for renewable chemicals, biofuels and pharmaceuticals

Celbius is a unique green industrial biotechnology, contract research and consultancy organization that combines acoustic energy (10 - 20 kHz) and ultrasound (20 - >100 kHz) assisted processing with fermentation, biocatalysis and bioprocessing for advanced, competitive and proprietary manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals, bioethanol,  other biofuels and value-added renewable chemicals.

Acoustic energy and ultrasound assisted processing, or Sonobioprocessing (SBP), can be utilised in a range of industries in order to reduce production and energy costs, increase yields, improving biocatalyst efficiency and improving product purity. Celbius will use its expert technical skills in biocatalysis, fermentation, process chemistry, ultrasonic process engineering and crystallisation to assist clients in the following areas:

Celbius industrial sonobioprocessing technology utilising proprietary ultrasonic flow-cells in-licenced from Prosonix Ltd (Prosonitron® technology) is designed to be a retrofit to existing manufacturing equipment, fermenters and chemical processing plant. Depending upon the scale of operation processing equipment can be skid mounted and portable for connection to multifarious plant.  We work in a typical collaborative manner starting from laboratory Proof of Concept / Process through to pilot studies and manufacturing development.

Contact us and talk in confidence to Celbius today and see if your bioprocess could be improved by the application of acoustic energy including power ultrasound. 

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