Industrial sonobioprocessing

Celbius industrial Sonobioprocessing (SBP) approaches are fully scalable ultrasonic scale-up and lend themselves to both batch and continuous processing. Productivity gains and improved product quality achieved through application of SBP will typically lead to significant added value and reduction in unit cost of finished product.

The robust and scalable ultrasonic flow-cell technology manufactured by Sonic Systems, UK, offers a viable and modular option for large scale operation. This technology has previously been used in a variety of industries. The high-throughput ultrasonic reactors are novel in design and can be flexiblly integrated with standard bioprocessingequipment and  techniques in a variety of flow-through configurations.

The ultrasonic bonded transducer equipment for SBP embodies a novel and innovative method of delivering power ultrasound into an industrial biochemical process.

Conventional ultrasound equipment involves the use of high-powered probes placed directly into the bioprocess liquor or fermentation media. These require high power, do not transmit energy uniformly over any appreciable distance, wear out quickly and cannot be readily scaled. High-powered probes can also shed metal particles leading to contamination and equipment and process failure. In contrast, the large scale reactor systems available to Celbius have low power requirements and can be readily scaled out and retrofitted to existing plant equipment. It also has ATEX (explosion proof) certification as required.



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