Ultrasound Equipment

Celbius is working with Sonic Systems Ltd (SSL) on a new generation of ultrasonic equipment. Based in Somerset, UK, SSL designs and manufactures high and low intensity ultrasonic process systems operating in the frequency range 15 – 150 kHz and utilising 1 Watt to multi-kilowatts of power. The equipment can be manufactured for a variety of chemical and biochemical processing operations including Celbius’ proprietary sonobioprocessing technology and other areas of ultrasound assisted processing. 


For laboratory scale activities Celbius can supply proprietary flow-cells, pumps, reactors and fermenters in order to conceive a system capable of processing 2-5 L of process liquor. In addition, Celbius can provide expert guidance / consultancy and key methods for getting the most out of such a system, whether targeting improved fermentation, biocatalysis and chemistry. Larger scale ultrasonic flow-cells are available for industrial sonobioprocessing and can be manufactured to conform to ATEX regulations (for use in a potentially explosive area or with flammable liquids) as shown below. 

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