Extraction of Biomolecules

Natural product extraction can be mediated by Sonication Enhanced Extraction (SEE) is another Sonobioprocessing techniques.

The application of sonication including ultrasound to a liquid medium or suspension leads to the formation of aggressive and disruptive cavitation bubbles. The post- cavitation asymmetric bubble collapse leads to micro-jet impact on biomass which can accelerate the extracting process and improve the extraction yield of bioactive compounds, phytochemicals, nutraceuticals, herbal extracts and the like.

The extraction solvent, which can be low temperature water, penetrates the cell walls of plant tissue, leading to the release of the target compounds. The process involves:

  • Accelerating swelling and hydration 
  • Enlargement in the pores of the plant cell walls
  • Better mass transfer of solute constituents from the plant materials to solvent

Sonication Enhanced Extraction (SEE) is highly adaptable and a very useful cost effective technique for extracting bioactive compounds thermolabile and unstable compounds with the following advantages:

  • Reduction of solvents
  • Reduction of temperature 
  • Reduction of time for extraction

Large scale ATEX equipment is readily available or can be designed for large scale operation.


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